Esther Shin 1702003

Esther Shin

Specialized in : Business Sponsorships

Practicing : 5-10 years of Experience

Award : Immigration Choice Awards 2018

Migration Agents Registration Authority (Australia)

About Esther

With over 5 years of experience in Australian immigration law, I am confident in providing expert, innovative and tailored legal advice.

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Excellent 5 star service from day one. Great concept and far cheaper than a private Lawyer.Easter's service was way beyond my expectation and have recommended her services to other friends.

Esther is very patient, reliable and knowledgable about all the intricacies involved in partner visa application. I would highly recommend her!

Overall, I find Esther Shin a capable and smooth talking lawyer. However, I went through a rather unpleasant experience working with her recently in May/Jun 2018. In all honesty, I think she did not have much experience dealing with offshore Australian Citizenship application before my case. We went through hiccups along the way. Looking back, I'd wished my agent had really did her homework in the subtleties of submitting a overseas citizenship application. After my lodgement, I did not receive a checklist of documentation that was submitted to IMMI site for my citizenship application from my agent. However, I did receive the acknowledgement and receipt of application. At the end of the day, it is not just a matter of money choosing when you are working with migration agent. As clients, we all want to work with a agent/lawyer who is able to provide you with a peace of mind, good at problem solving and even willing to step up and go the extra mile in dealing with your case if necessary. I find detail orientation, work flow organisation and clear communication missing in my agent's service when I was working with her. There's definitely room for improvement given that I feel Esther is a decent person. The plus point is I know for sure Esther now has hands on experience in dealing overseas citizenship application. Hopefully, my experience with this agent will benefit others in the same situation as me. As a client, I am very thankful for the checks and balances put in place by I will definitely recommend the site to others. Big thumbs up to the 5* star support and for customer service management.

She's very competent! We are very pleased with the work! Thank you!

Very good

I can happily confirm that Esther has been absolutely fantastic during the whole process. She helped my partner and I to get our Permanent Residency quickly and without any stress. She’s been positive the whole time. I highly recommend Esther to work with. Also thanks to Amy and her team for all the support during the time.

Thanks Esther, your knowledge and insights have been invaluble. I couldn't have had a better experience working with an immigration lawyer.

It was a pleasure dealing with Esther and the AMAILA. She was always available for any questions I had. This support is so important when trying to go through the tedious and detailed application process. I will keep on recommending your services. Thank you again!