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189 visa - Immi Account and Form 80.

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I am applying for a 189 visa. I have uploaded documents through the Immi account. In this process I accidentally uploaded an incomplete form 80. I know that I am unable to delete documents once they are uploaded. My question is:

1. How much of a problem is this.

2. Is there anything I should do to correct my mistake?



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Dear M.,

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to assist you on the matter.

You can take the following corrective measures to correct this -

1. Write an simple explanation note in way of a letter outlining that you accidentally uploaded an incomplete Form 80 and that another completed Form 80 has been uploaded now. Address the note in a generic way saying "To the Case Officer".

2. Complete a new Form 80 and upload it. Name it something like - "Form 80 - Completed" or "Form 80 - Correction". Mention this name of file for the new Form 80 in your note to the case officer.

This will be sufficient to present, explain and rectify the mistake when a case officer looks at your case.

Should you need any further clarification on this, please do not hesitate to ask.

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