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Vetassess Skills Assessment as State Surveyor & Tax Records

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I have been working as an estate surveyor and valuer since August 2013 and I intend sending my documents to vetassess for assessment. According to the requirements, I am expected to show proof of paid employment in the form of payslips and tax records. At the moment, I have my payslips but do not have tax records. When I approached my employer for it, he told me he has not paid for the 3years I have been working with him and assured me that he would pay the arrears very soon. This means that the tax record I will submit to vetassess will show that all my 3years tax was paid recently. Will this tax record be accepted by vetassess being that the tax of 3 years was just recently paid?

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Dear A.

Thank you for your question.

I understand that you are ready to start your Migration Skills Assessment submission to Vetassess as an Estate Surveyor.

You need to provide evidence of your recent employment experience, as part of the Assessment application.

In addition to evidence of a Statement of Service from your employer, you are required to provide official evidence that the employment was paid, such as payslips and taxation records.

You already have Payslips as evidence of employment, since August 2013 and these can all be submitted with your Assessment application, as evidence of paid employment.

a) Evidence of Employment, includes the following documents:

evidence of tasks performed at the skill level of your nominated occupation
a Statement of Service or Reference Letter from your employer for the required information for this document
a Statutory Declaration if you are unable to obtain a Statement of Service as described above. This should be verifiable and supported by other evidence such as Appointment Letter, Official Position Description and evidence of paid employment. A Statutory Declaration on its own will not suffice as evidence of tasks performed.
an organisational chart if nominating a managerial occupation.

b) Evidence of paid employment - at least one of the following:

payslips (ideally the first and latest payslips for each employment position to be assessed)
payment summaries for taxation
taxation records of assessment which show the company name
superannuation records.

Therefore, you do not need to submit Tax records if you can provide original or certified copies of your Payslips. But the more information you can provide the better. Therefore, the recently paid Tax record should also be submitted and these records should be sufficient. The fact that it was recently paid should not matter. You can add a cover note explanation to your application explaining that the employer paid the Tax but not every year - only at the end of 3 years, by mistake.

I hope that I have answered your question.

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