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Visitor Visa - Refused Application because of Insufficient Funds

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My friend applied for a visitor's visa recently and she got a rejection. She is meant to start a placement program at XXX Hospital for 4 weeks. At the time of application she had $800. And and her mom (who is providing financial support ) had approx. $7,000. We also stated that she will be living with me for the four weeks. But with all this info her application was rejected because of insufficient funds. Is there a set amount? Also what do we do next? Because her training starts in 3 weeks. Also a friend of hers applied at the same time and she got approved and her aunt who is sponsoring her, only had $800 at the time of application.

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Dear A.

I am assuming your friend applied for Visitor Visa Subclass 600. There is no set policy about how much money someone must have or have access to. The immigration officer must be satisfied that the person has enough money to support themselves during their stay. As such, decisions may vary depending on the immigration officer looking at the application and what they decide.

In terms of what to do now, I suggest your friend reapplies as soon as possible. She should make sure she includes all relevant documentation. In particular, she should include the following documents to support her access to finances:

- a letter from her mother confirming her offer of providing financial support and the amount she is willing to provide
- a bank statement/letter from the bank showing how much money her mother has in the bank
- a bank statement/letter showing how much money your friend has in her bank account
- a letter from you confirming that you will be offering your friend free accommodation for 4 weeks (include your address and details of your friendship)

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