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Master's degree in electrical engineering - sc 189 - Skills Assessment - CSOL List

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I am an electronic technician, further I have a Master's degree in electrical engineering, with specialization in telecommunications engineering. I am 28 yrs and have worked in the engineering departments of several companies in parallel to my study.

Currently I work in the telecommunications engineering department in Switzerland. I have no English language certificate, but I have already been in Australia for holidays 2 months in total. Further, I found out that my profession is listed on the skilled occupations list, as well as in the consolidated SOL list. I wonder whether I have good chances to get a permanent visa and how I could proceed.

Answer provided by our agents

Dear T.

Thank you for your query.

Your occupation of Telecommunications Engineer is detailed as a SOL and CSOL occupation as you described. This enables you to possibly apply for a Subclass 189, Subclass 190 or Subclass 489 visa. The Subclass 189 is the most advantageous visa as it does not require state sponsorship and enables you the freedom to live in any state you choose with no restrictions. An applicant may however need to apply under one of the state sponsored subclasses if they cannot meet the points requirement of 60 points. If making an application under Subclass 190 or Subclass 489 you would be required to live and work in the sponsoring state for 2 years after which time you can move to any other state to live.

In terms of your eligibility to proceed from the information it is not possible to ascertain fully if you may qualify to make an application. An assessment of your CV would be required, and English language test results would be needed. However from the information you have provided I can see you qualify for 30 points for your age. Assuming your Bachelor qualification is Australian equivalent his would give you a further 15 points. The remaining points could be accumulated through various ways including English language points, work experience points and state sponsorship etc. But this could not be ascertained without an assessment. Other than requiring 60 points you also require a positive Skills Assessment.

What I can suggest is that if you wish, you can reply to me with your CV attached. If the reply facility does not allow an attachment, include your CV in the body of your response. I will assist you with a summary eligibility assessment if you can do this. This will be a brief summary of your visa options in my opinion. Please ensure you include full qualification details (institute of study, years of study), and full employment details (date periods, role title and duties). You may also wish to give an estimate of your English language ability.

------------------------- Further Response---------------------

Dear T.

Thank you for forwarding your resume.

I consider most likely your qualification would be Bachelor equivalent but further checking would be required to confirm this. I consider from looking at your profile a positive Skills Assessment should be possible assuming equivalency of your qualifications. There is a question mark over whether you could obtain work experience points, but whatever you don't pick up here I consider a good English language score of Proficient (this is the equivalent of a minimum of 7 on each component of an IELTs and an overall scoring of 7) will make up for it. There may be the possibility of being 5 points short, but assuming a positive Skills Assessment and a Proficient level of English this could be made up by seeking state sponsorship which would award 5 points. Note my recommendation to obtain a Proficient level of English is based on point requirements for your own profile, and not the minimum that is required to make a visa application as per the DIBP guidelines.

My professional opinion is that you are a good candidate for proceeding with a visa process. You may wish to undertake English language testing first however to see how your English scoring goes as I do think a Proficient level will be needed. I would recommend undertaking IELTs instead of CAE if it is an option where you are.

In terms of giving me an assessment of your English language ability I have a rough idea of it, at least in terms of written English, and I think a Proficient level of English may be possible. But you must undertake the test for any certainty.

Before proceeding with an application I would recommend a further review once your English language test results are available. In terms of cost, my professional fees for a full visa process can be given after a final review as I would have a better idea of subclass I could take your application through. In terms of contacting me again, please contact Amy at, mentioning my name and your Question ID so that I can continue to assist you with this matter.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Migration Agent