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Secondary school teacher in the UK - AITSL assessment

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I am a secondary school teacher in the UK with 6+ years experience who is looking to emigrate to Australia under one of the skilled visa sub-classes.

I am currently in the process of completing the AITSL assessment for migration for secondary school teachers (

As I am a UK citizen with 6+ years teaching experience, I am exempt from completing the IELTS as part of the AITSL migration assessment. However, I will be required to complete the IELTS in order to make the 60-points test criteria for the skilled visa.

I understand that there are two tests that make up the IELTS - the general test and the academic test. I have been provided with conflicting information from migration agents regarding the required test I need to complete. Am I required to complete the Academic IELTS with requisite scores as prescribed as part of the AITSL migration assessment, or do I complete a General IELTS to be submitted as part of the Expression of Interest?

I was wondering if you could provide clarification on (1) which test (or if it is both) that I need to complete and (2) at which stage the test score is to be submitted (ie migration assessment or EOI)?

Many thanks


Answer provided by our agents

Hi K.,

Thanks for your query.

For the migration skill assessment with AITSL if using IELTS to meet the criteria it must be the Academic test. However as a UK passport holder you may be exempt from this if your study was completed in the UK and is comparable to at least 4 years study at Australian level:

"(ii) An applicant has completed at least four full years of study in higher education (university) in Australia, Canada, the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom or the United States of America. This study must have resulted in award of qualification(s) comparable to the educational level of an Australian bachelor degree or higher and must include a recognised initial teacher education qualification." (AITSL website)

To meet the points test for the Department of Immigration's criteria you may use either the General or Academic Test.

As long as you meet the AITSL exemption, than IELTS (General is apparently easier) is required at the EOI stage.

If you do not meet AITSL exemption, than you will need to sit the Academic test and you can use the same test for both skill assessment and EOI.

Hope this clarifies.

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