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Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) - Setting up a business as an alternative

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Would like to know if an External Auditor (221213) as a senior manager of a big four of 11 years would qualify for Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189), with the understanding that there is a list of flagged occupations for 2016–17.

Would I be able to set up a business/company (ABN) with an Australian citizen on a regular tourist visa, then proceed to apply for a suitable visa? If not please advise alternative.

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Dear F.

Thank you for your email.

Being in a list of flagged occupations doesn't necessary means this occupation will be definitely deleted from SOL list this year but this occupation considered as one of the occupations which might be deleted this year.

At the moment this occupation (External Auditor (221213) is kind of pro-rata occupations which means although immigration require minimum 60 points to submit EOI for most SOL occupations, but for this occupation at the moment 70 Points needed to be selected and apply for 189 visa and only 258 visa applicant available (1155 / 1413 (Available: 258) ) for this occupation this year till July.

You can calculate your points from a below link to immigration website and see if your points would be 70 or not :

Regarding your second question, you can set up a company (ABN) in Australia with no issue (Even set up online) but you cannot physically start doing any business in Australia without proper visa. If you have any business in your country and want to continue your business in Australia, you might be eligible to apply for Australian business visa which will let you to run your business in Australia.

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To question 2: If applying for subclass 188 business visa, 1 fiscal year turnover is 1.2 million and the other turnover is 470K, - did not meet the requirement of 2 years 500K turnover, can 188 still be applied for? if not, what other visas?

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Hi F.

Thank you for your clarification request.

For 188 business visa, the turn over of your company should be at least 500.000 AUD for 2 years within the last 4 years. The turnover threshold must be met for 2 of the last 4 years prior to application. So if one year doesn't meet this requirement, you can choose another year within the last 4 years to meet 500.000 AUD.

There is no other Australian business visa available with less requirements except 188 business visa.

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