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Is it better to apply for a partner visa onshore or offshore?

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Hi there,

I have been with my Canadian partner for over 12 months. We have been living in New Zealand together as his Working Visa expired in Australia about 18 months ago. I have read that it is better for us to apply for a partner visa onshore as he can then be granted a bridging visa whilst awaiting the decision of our partner visa. My question is can we apply for his partner visa whilst on a tourist visa and how long does it take to receive a bridging visa approx?



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Hi C.

Thank you for your question. He can only apply for a partner visa onshore if the tourist visa he applied for does NOT have a "no further stay" condition on it. The Electronic Travel Authority (Subclass 601) is a tourist/visitor visa that does not have the "no further stay" condition attached. As such, if he is granted the 601 visa he can apply for a partner visa onshore.

Please note however that to meet the eligibility criteria for the 601 visa, your partner must intend to visit Australia as a tourist only and be prepared to leave at the end of his visa.

Once an onshore partner visa application is made, the bridging visa is usually granted immediately, but he shouldn't leave it to the last minute in case there are complications.

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