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I am on a Bridging Visa and receive no response from the Department of Immigration - what shall I do?

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Hello my name is S. I am from France and i have applied for student visa and my husband is from Pakistan. I applied on 05.04.2017 till now I am on a bridging visa but i didn't got any answer yet from the Department of Immigration. No response, they did not ask for medical certificate, nothinggggg.

Last Tuesday i did an email to the case officers from immigration so if they need anything from me or else but they didn't replied yet. I am worried about that and i don't know what to do so can you help and guide me about that please.


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Hi S.

Thank you for your email for giving us the opportunity to assist you on your visa matter.

Please find below a link to immigration website which will give you approximately processing time for your student visa. This time frame depends on the level of education you applied for.

Please be advised that processing times might vary cases by cases, like complex cases or incomplete applications. Make sure to attach all requested documents to your Immi account. Also you will be able to check the status of your case in immigration department through your Immi account as well.
If your case officer hasn't been allocated to your case and you don't know his/her email address, you will also be able to fill up below form or contact immigration department by phone on 131 881 and they will help you about the status of your case over the phone.

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Best Regards
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