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I want to be sponsored as a Cafe or Restaurant Manager on a 457 visa

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I'm currently on a student visa, I have 1 year left on my visa, and manage a cafe and work in a coffee roastery at the same time. My boss, who owns the cafe and roastery, wants to sponsor me for next year to stay in the country.

I have been working for my current boss since January this year. I started managing the cafe in April and have a written contract of the agreement for me to manage the cafe.

Personally, I have done my working holiday visa already. I am 21 years old and from England. Through the roastery, I own a business called TLR as well.

We are struggling to find out the relevant information on what we can do, especially with all these new 457 changes. Our main question is can I still be sponsored to be a cafe manager?

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Hi T.,

Thanks for your question.

'Cafe or Restaurant Manager' still appears on relevant occupation lists, so you may be eligible to apply for a subclass 457 Visa. The key receiving a successful 457 nomination is proving that the position is genuine within the size and scope of the business. This can often be quite a challenge, especially for Cafe and Restaurant Managers.

Can you please attach your CV and provide some more information about your employer? Immigration won't consider any nominations from Cafes or Restaurants that are considered 'limited service restaurants', so we need to determine if your employer fits within the criteria.

Limited Service Restaurant includes the following:
(a) a fast food or takeaway food service;
(b) a fast casual restaurant;
(c) a drinking establishment that offers only a limited food service;
(d) a limited service cafe, including a coffee shop or mall cafe;
(e) a limited service pizza restaurant.

Look forward to your response.

Kind regards,
Migration Agent

-------------------- Request for Clarification -------------------

Hope you're well.

Attached is my CV providing all my work up to date.

My employer is JF, his trading company is SCC. J. owns SCC,. The SCC are just about to buy a new cafe in Bondi, to which I will be helping run.

JF cafe started 3 years ago by JF. In December 2016, D. and L. were bought out by J. and they no longer had any stakes with the company. The cafe is a very busy cafe, specialising in Coffee, rated no.8 in Sydney. It is a dine in cafe mainly, and always has a queue of people waiting to come in on the weekend. We trade 7-3.30 Mon-Fri and 7.30-4 Sat-Sun.

Since I started my role managing the cafe has been doing Staff Rosters, ordering stock, looking after Social Media, looking after customer service, employing new staff and training current staff to be better Baristas and Floor Waiters.

My plan is to be sponsored as a Cafe Manager so I can look after the cafe full time.

Let me know what else information you need from me.

---------- Clarification by Migration Agent -------------

Hi T.,

Hope your day is going well.

On the basis of the information you have provided I believe that applying for a 457 visa would be quite risky, and the visa application would have a good chance of being refused.

As you are probably aware the Australian Government recently made some major changes to the skilled migration program, which includes tightening up the eligibility criteria for the 457 visa.

My particular concerns are as follows:

• A café or Restaurant Manager normally requires a formal qualification, such as a Diploma, Advanced Diploma or an Associate Degree.
• 3 years relevant work experience can sometimes replace a qualification, however based off your CV you have approximately 18 months experience.
• The SCC could be seen as a chain restaurant by the Department of Immigration and may not meet the genuine position requirements for a 457 nomination.

I hope this provides some clarity in your decision making process.

Migration Agent