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How can I add my child as a dependant on a 457 visa?

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Hi, I already have an approved 457 visa, with my wife as a dependent. My wife just gave birth to our first child (born outside of Australia), and we need to add our child as a dependent under my 457 visa - I am wondering what is the full procedure to get this done - i tried going on my immi account but there doesn't seem to be a 457 visa option any more. Looking for help with the process, thank you

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Hi A.,

Thank you for your inquiry, and congratulations on the birth of your child!

Unfortunately, the process is much more difficult than it would have been had your child been born in Australia. If your child had been born in Australia, they would have automatically received a 457 visa on the same terms and conditions as your own.

Given that your child was born overseas, the normal procedure would have been to simply apply for a new 457 visa for them. However, the 457 visa was recently abolished, and as of last Sunday 18 March 2018, the Department is no longer accepting new applications, so this is not something that can be arranged through your Immi account.

Unfortunately, the Department has not yet provided any guidelines for how to handle a situation such as yours. Accordingly, we suggest that you contact the 457 visa section directly at and outline your situation to them as it is likely that there will be some transitional arrangements put in place for circumstances such as yours and you may be able to have your child added to your 457. The subject line of the email should be 'Post-decision enquiry'. It may take some time to receive a response, given that they are currently processing a high volume of last minute 457 applications.

You will likely be required to provide the following documents to the Department:

1. Certified copy of your child's passport bio-data page;
2. Certified copy of both parents passport bio-data pages;
3. Certified copy of your child's birth certificate;
4. Letter of support from your sponsoring employer (confirming that your employer supports the application);
5. Evidence of health insurance for your child.

You can also expect that it will be requested that your child undertake medical examinations.

If you would like to bring your child to Australia in the meantime, the quickest way would be to apply for a visitor visa for them.

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