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Am I qualified to apply for Sc 482 self-sponsorship?

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Regarding self-sponsorship visa , Sc 482, I am currently in Hong Kong and I have been working in Banking industry for over 10 years. I'm currently working in Bank as a relationship manager. I need to look after high-net-worth customers and provide excellent banking services to these customers. Besides, I also need to provide investment and financial solutions to the customers. However, my CV is shown that my experiences have been quite jumpy for the recent 3 years due to the job market movement.

In the occupation list, I can be an investment adviser or a customer service manager. Must my current occupation be related to my new set-up business to open a furniture warehouse?

If I'm qualified to apply, how long does it take for processing? How much do I need to apply for the visa, including the agent fee, working visa fee and medical check up...etc, in total.

Answer provided by our agents

On the 14th December 2015, new policies were implemented by Immigration that now discourage self-sponsorship from sole operators and small businesses under the Subclass 457, now it is Temporary Skill Shortage 482 visa.
To do a self-sponsorship, you have to have substantial start-up capital available and a very strong business plan with viable market penetration.
The requirement to prove that the position, for self-sponsorship, is genuine is now much more difficult to establish. A person must also prove that they do not have a long-term “migration outcome” (for permanent residency) as their main purpose. I believe it is important to show that you have incentives to return overseas, when considering self-sponsorship.

For your information, both Financial investment adviser and Customer service manager are listed in the Short-Term Skilled Occupation list If you are eligible to apply, maximum period of stay is 2 years + Renewable once onshore 2 years = 4 years max.
Because these occupations are only available in the Short Term stream, it is mandatory to meet the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement - You must satisfy the department that you have a genuine intention to stay in Australia temporarily.
Another words, 482 TSS visa cannot just be to facilitate a long-term stay in Australia and/or create a pathway to permanent migration. Such arrangements can be approved under policy if there will be a genuine economic benefit resulting to Australia (for example, an innovative IT entrepreneur intends to move their business to Australia, which will support growth in the technology sector and create jobs for Australians).
Having said that, it does not mean that you can not apply for a PR in the future. You can still apply for other General Skilled Migration visas (189/190/489), If you meet the criteria.

My answers to your questions:

Must my current occupation be related to my new set-up business to open a furniture warehouse?
Work experience requirements for the TSS 482 visa
As per the Government’s 18 April 2017 announcement, TSS visa applicants will be required to have worked in the nominated occupation, or a related field, for at least two years.
Work experience will be considered flexibly in the context of the nominated occupation and industry practices. The work experience should have been undertaken in the last five years and would need to be calculated in terms of full time work. Part time work experience may be considered

Can you buy a business and sponsor myself?
It has always been standard practice for business people and migration agents to use the Business Skills Migration category for business owners and investors to migrate to Australia. Please see this link for further information about Business Skills visa. ( )However, there are a lot of business people that do not quite fit the bill (cannot meet the stringent requirements) under the Business Skills regime.

Applicable fees
Sponsorship application: $420
Nomination application: $170
TSS Visa application charge – Short term stream: $1150 (extra charges for additional applicants)

Agent Service fee
As listed on our website:
Business Sponsorship: $1200
TSS Visa: $2600
Please note:
*There will be additional costs incur in relation to the business registrations and business documents.
Application for registration as an Australian company*
Application for registration of business name*
Applications for Australian Business Number (ABN)
Advice on Business Plan Preparation *
Advice on cash flow projection *
Advice on organisation chart and employment plan *
Advice on auditable training plan *
Employment contract*
Position description*
Evaluation of market salary rates*

If you wish to proceed further with the application, please let us know.
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