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How can I apply for Bridging Visa B (BVB)?

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I am working with a immigration agency and we are waiting for 457 Visa (for myself and my partner) currently we hold a bridging visa A

We have an upcoming overseas trip with different dates due to business and family events:
Myself: July 3 to July 15 aprox

My Partner: July 15 - Aug 25 aprox

My questions are:

1. Since all Visa procedures have been done from my agent's immi account, can I lodge the bridging visa B from my Immi account, if so under which category can I find it?

2. Since we are travelling on different dates, can I do 1 application for myself and my partner with the whole travelling dates.

3. On the form 1006 they are asking if I need to change the address for future notifications, should insert my agents or keep mine?

Answer provided by our agents

Hi RM,

Thank you for contacting us regarding your Bridging visa B (BVB) application.

Below are my answers to your questions.
1. You cannot create a new Bridging visa application from ImmiAccount unless you have access to your 457 application because BVB application can be lodged online through your 457 application. If you do not have access to the application, you can ask your agent to lodge it on your behalf. Alternatively, you can lodge a paperwork application using form 1006. From my experience, I usually get a quicker response from paperwork application. You can Hand in your completed form together with your supporting documents (flight itinerary, family event invitation card) to your location Immigration office. You should apply for your BVB no more than three months, and not less than two weeks, before the date on which you want to travel.

2. You and your partner are travelling on a different date - It is not a problem, you can still add your wife details on Part E, Q15. You must provide her reasons for travelling, her travel date etc. You must also provide her supporting documents.

3. Put your address for BVB application.

Note: You must provide details (Application ID, TRN etc) of your 457 and your previous visa applications in your BVB application.

If you need further assistance with the application, please let us know.

The Australian Migration Agent and Immigration Lawyer Association offers a new way to obtain comprehensive and tailored migration advice. It is obligation free and you can ask me all your questions online.

You will be given an option to contact me to engage my services once this question has been finalized.

Migration Agent

-------- Request for Clarification -------------------

Hi, many thanks for your fast and detailed answer, just a few thing that I still not clear:

1. Location Immigration office:
I am currently in Melbourne, which would be the most appropiate address to send it to?

2. You and your partner are travelling on a different date - It is not a problem, you can still add your wife details on Part E, Q15:
There is no fields to insert different dates, only on part 12 Intended overseas travel, so should I state the total travel time from both of us?

3. We do not have supporting documents, since on her side her nephew will be born and for me it's a business trip (I guess on my side a can get a letter from mine company) on her side do you recommend something else?


-------- Clarification from Migration Agent ------------------

Hi RM,

1. According to the 1006 form, the completed form may be lodged in person or sent by post to any Visa and Citizenship Office of the department in Australia. I have not been to the Melbourne office as I am based in Adelaide. You can visit them at their office in the city, the address is

2 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne Vic. 3000

Postal address
GPO Box 241
Melbourne Vic. 3001

Alternatively, for Courier deliveries:

Department of Immigration and Border Protection
Level 6
2 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne Vic. 3000

Counter hours
9 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday

2. On Q12, include your departure date (3 July) and her return date, if she is not sure the date at this stage, you may put a random date. BVB usually grant longer than your request travel date. Please also explain on Q15 for her reason to travel.

3. Yes include your employment confirmation letter. For your wife, she may not need to provide any documents, however, if you wish, perhaps an email invitation from her family will do.

Good luck with your submission! I hope you get it on time.

Migration Agent