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When am I required to leave Australia?

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I have decided to discontinue my studies in Australia and go back home to the United States. I just have a quick question about when I am required to leave Australia.

Am I required to leave 28 days after my CoE is cancelled?

Or am I just required to leave before my student visa is cancelled? I’m also assuming that I will receive a Notice of Intention to Consider Cancelation (NOICC) before my student visa is cancelled. Is this correct?

I have been trying to research this online myself but I have found answers supporting both. Please help to clear this up for me.

Thank you,


Answer provided by our agents

Hi MS,

You are correct in that you have 28 calendar days to either leave the country, enroll in another course, or apply for another visa after your COE is cancelled. The 28 days is taken from when your education provider notifies you of its cancellation.

You cannot lawfully stay on a student visa in Australia if you are not enrolled in a Registered course, so you do risk your visa being cancelled if you do not take one of the actions above, i.e. new course, new visa or departure. If your student visa is cancelled, you will be sent an official notice of its cancellation by the Department of Home Affairs. if this happens, make sure you follow the instructions in the letter carefully. Should you remain in Australia unlawfully you risk penalties such as detention, deportation and perhaps an imposition of a three year ban from returning to Australia.

I hope this helps.

Please do not hesitate to get back to me if you need any clarification of the above, or if you would like some help in perhaps applying for a different visa that would allow you to stay.

Kind regards,

Migration Agent