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How can I get Bridging Visa B again if it is expired?

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Dear Sir or Madame,

I am currently on a substantive 820 visa application and was holding a BVA temporary bridging visa.

I applied for a BVB to be able to travel overseas early this year (2018). The BVB was valid until 19/03/2018

I was leaving Australian on the 25/08/2018 to India, Bangalore where I am currently staying. At departure, I was under the impression that I still obtained the BVB. Since the BVB expired on 19/03/2018 and I travelled outside Australia on a BVA, my BVA was subsequently revoked.

Problem statement: Currently, I do not hold a valid bridging visa and cannot enter Australia.

I plan to fly back on 08/09/2018 and enter Australia in Melbourne on the 09/09/2018 and urgently need to re-apply or obtain a valid bridging visa.

Please explain the routes which I can take to obtain a valid BVA or other visa types.

Might it be possible to re-apply for BVA with a 1005 form?

To my person: I am 29 years old, work full time permanently employed with an Australian employer in Melbourne.

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Hi GD,

Thank you for your question. It will be best for you to apply offshore for a different type of visa such as a visitor visa subclass 600 for example, which would allow you entry to Australia and on re-entry you can reapply for the bridging visa A. Form 1005 (online through Immiaccount or in paper form) would be an acceptable way to reapply for the BVA. Please note the visitor visa application can take 23- 27 days according to current processing time standards. Please note the visitor visa would not allow you to work while it is valid so it may be possible to request the shortest period of time on the visa then lodge the BVA application onshore, but while the visitor visa is valid you will not be able to work.

Please let me know if you need clarification in relation to this advice.

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