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What documents do we need to apply for Visitor Visa?

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Hi, I am helping a friend of mine who is a Zambian citizen and passport holder to apply for a tourist visa Subclass 600.

She is looking to stay in Australia for a period of roughly 50 days. Is it too much for an holiday? She is going to start university in January so she has time to travel.

What documents do better prove that she has a strong incentive to come back to Zambia? I believe the enrolment letter of her university is enough to prove the tie.

Thank you.

Answer provided by our agents

Hi P,

Thanks for posting your question here. Yes, an enrollment letter is a good evidence.

I also suggest you to prepare the following:

1. Cover letter states the places/cities she will be visiting, her arrival and departure date, the activities she intends to undertake and her feature plan after graduation.
2. Itineraries ( do not book the flight ticket yet) including return flight ticket quote, group tour information etc.
3. Her qualification , even a high school certificate can help. This shows that she is a genuine student and will be pursuing higher education soon
4. Her birth certificate and parents ID, this shows that she has closed family tie to return home
5. Parents bank statement and letter from parents stating that they will support her during her visit to Australia
6. Student Loan documentation? If she will be undertaking a student loan, this information will be helpful. If she will be paying the tuition in full, then bank statement showing available fund for the university tuition
7. Is she renting? If yes, then rental agreement can be provided
8. Does she has a boyfriend, then provide evidence of this, photograph together for example if not registered.
9. Family tree graph showing family members and stating their residence
10. Ownership of vehicle, property etc

I hope the above list provides you the sufficient information to lodge the tourist visa for her. Overall, the criteria of granting a tourist visa is that the applicant is a genuine visitor and has strong tie (including family, education, employment, asset and culture) to return to home country. Once you pull all the documents together, there should be no problem of getting an Australian visitor via.

Good Luck !
Kind Regards,
Migration Agent