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What kind of work visa should I apply for?

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Hi - I'm 45 years old. I am a US citizen, born in the UK. I own two businesses in California, both are in tech and I'm CEO of both. One company is a service provider for software dev and has been around about 20 years. The other is a startup company. In order to fund the startup I need to bootstrap more funds into it, so I need to do some consulting. I would like to work in Sydney. I'm in discussion with the SC company about a consulting position there, for $145AUD/hour. I would like to start as soon as I can.
My research into Aus work visas so far indicates a 482 TSS visa might be the right type for me--there is no age limit. I could also open a branch of my company in Sydney, or use the existing overseas company to sponsor myself? Alternately, the SC company could do it, but then I would be able to lose the visa if the job ended, so I don't think that is optimal. If I can get a 4 year 482 I have a path to residency, and that would be good. I am concerned about the processing time and would like to start work immediately. I have an ETA visa now, but want to know if a bridge visa is possible, or if there are any other ways I can start work ahead of visa processing?

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Hello MS,

It sounds like you have done quite a bit of research. As you point out the 482 TSS visa is a possibility if SC company would sponsor you. That would be your quickest visa and at present it takes around 3 months to be processed. It is possible to get a Bridging visa when you put in an application for a TSS but the Bridging visa usually comes with the same conditions as the original visa, in this case as a Visitor Visa and therefore no work rights.

However it is possible to request work rights, but as it is a request the Department does not have to grant it. My experience has been that they do grant work rights if requested, but there is a possibility it won't.

You could put in an application for a Business Investment Visa, there are various stipulations for that such as turnover, minimum $500,000 per year, be nominated by a government organisation, or you could be nominated by a State or Territory and invest $1.5 million with that state or territory for 4 years. It is also possible to open up a branch of your current company here in Australia but that will take some time to establish. Business Visas can be complicated and I am happy to discuss this further if you would like to explore that particular option.

Having said all that, I imagine that SC company has accredited status and would therefore be eligible for fast track processing of a 482 Visa, probably only a couple of weeks. There is also a possibility you could be sponsored under the Global Talent Visa too. If you were sponsored by SC company you could apply for Permanent Residency after 3 years.
I hope this has answered your questions. If you require anything further feel free to either contact me through this site.
I hope it all goes well for you and I am available to process your visa application either through SC company or a Business Innovation Visa should you require.

Kindest regards
Migration Agent