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Parent Visa Australia - Medicare for UK citizens

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Hi, I have the following questions regarding the Parent Visa Australia:

If my parents make the application while in Australia (British Citizens), can they access free medicare while on the bridging visa

If my parents are approved after the estimated 4-year wait, are they entitled to any part of the Aged Pension?

My parents are Britsih Citizens who reside in South Africa. They have lived in South Africa since 1991. Is there reciprocal health cover arrangements in place? and if so, what are the rules around them?

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Dear B.

Thank you for contacting us.

Below is my answers to your questions.

If your Parents are granted a bridging visa. Yes UK citizens are entitled for reciprocal medical even they are on visitor visa. As long as they hold British passport. (it doesn’t matter if they been living in South Africa since 1991.)
They must hold a valid visa in Australia

Please note only the following Parent Visas can be granted a bridging visa onshore.

- Aged Parent Visa (subclass 804)
- Contributory Aged Parent Visa (subclass 864)
- Contributory Aged Parent Temporary Visa (subclass 884) to Contributory Aged Parent Visa (subclass 864)

Australian Age Pension Residence rules for British Citizens.

To be eligible for Age Pension they must be 65 or older.

They need to have been an Australian resident for at least 10 years in total. For at least 5 of these years, there must be no break in your residence.

They are an Australian resident if they live in Australia and are either:
• an Australian citizen or
• a permanent residence visa holder

Living in Australia - means Australia is their usual place of residence.
A permanent residence visa - allows them to stay in Australia indefinitely.

The UK has a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement with Australia.

The agreements cover medically necessary care. It must be care for illness or injury that can’t wait till you get home and care that Medicare covers
It covers:
• medically necessary care out of hospital
• medically necessary care as a public patient in a public hospital
• prescription medicines at a lower price - this is the general rate for drugs in the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

It doesn’t cover:
• medicines that aren’t in the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
• Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme medicines for In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)
• care planned before you got to Australia
• care for Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)
• private hospital care
• public hospital care as a private patient
• ambulance travel
• dental care unless it’s in the Chronic Disease Management scheme
• care from a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, eye therapist, chiropractor, podiatrist or psychologist unless it’s in the Chronic Disease Management scheme
• acupuncture unless it’s from a doctor
• glasses and contact lenses
• hearing aids and other devices
• prostheses
• costs someone else is responsible for - for example an insurer, employer or government agency
• care that isn’t clinically essential
• cosmetic surgery
• checks for life insurance or superannuation or to join a friendly society
• home nursing
You can get private travel health insurance to cover many of these.

It starts the day they arrive in Australia on a valid visa (including visitor visa and temporary parent visa) It ends on the day the visa expires

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