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Skills Assessment with Australian Institute of Management (AIM)

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Dear Madam/Sir,

I am considering to undertake a Skills Assessment with AIM. Can you please evaluate my attached CV and provide advice on my chances for a Skilled-Nominated Visa with South Australia.


Answer provided by our agents

Dear E.,

Based on the information you have provided you have significant experience as a Managing Director and Vice President of XXX.

The ANZSCO Coder for the occupation Managing Director is 111111.

The Australian Institute of Management (AIM) conducts a skills assessment for senior level managerial occupations. Relevant managerial experience especially in the immediate 3 years will be the most important part.

The complexity and size of your organisation will also be taken into consideration. The larger the organisation, the greater would be the responsibilities of the senior managers.

You will need to demonstrate that you are responsible for a range of responsibilities at a level which is concerned with the implementation of the organisation's strategies and policies.

You find more details in the attached file to my response.

I believe your current role and experience with XXX may qualify and might be assessed successfully by AIM.

Various documents that include the organisational chart, the detailed position descriptions, position description of your subordinate managers/staff, letters of appointment would be required to provide in order to demonstrate depth and breadth of managerial experience.

I have included a detailed list of documents which I suggest to lodge with AIM for your skills assessments.

I am also confirming that with date of my response the occupation Managing Director is available for South Australia state migration plan.

Main application requirements and eligibility criteria for a sc. 190 nomination (in addition to the visa requirements) include e.g.:
- Minimum of 1 year of skilled work experience in the past 3 years
- Proficient English test result
- Have adequate financial resources to support the initial costs for settlement (approximately A$ 35,000 - 40,000 for you as the main applicant, additional funds may apply for your partner and your children)
- Commitment to living and working in South Australia for at least two years

You can contact me anytime should you need further clarification.