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My partner from Fiji staying permanently in Australia

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My partner is a Fijian citizen & has a Fijian passport but he was previously married in Japan but divorced 6 yrs ago. I was also previously married, I was seperated for 2 years & finally divorced Aug 2018.

I went to Fiji in Dec and we were suppose to get married but we had complications obtaining his single status from Japan in time.

I broke my arm on 11 Jan 2019 while in Fiji so he got a tourist visa to come to Australia as I have 3 small children & needed his help. We now plan to marry in February as the documents should arrive next week. He's visa is valid until April but we want him to stay in Australia.

Can you please advice what is the best Avenue for us to take for him to stay permanently in Australia?

Kind regards

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Dear J.,

Assuming that you are a permanent resident or an Australian citizen, you will be able to sponsor your partner for a partner visa if you have been in a defacto relationship for at least 12 months or after you are married in February. The partner visa application can be lodged onshore or offshore. The lodgement of an onshore partner visa application is also an application for a bridging visa which will enable your partner to remain in Australia whilst his partner visa is being processed. To be able to lodge a valid parter visa application onshore, you must ensure that your partner does not have a "no further stay" condition on his existing visa.

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