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Ask-An-Agent operates an online marketplace connecting consumers and businesses with migration agents and immigration lawyers. Members can ask questions, compare fees and hire their preferred agent for their visa matters for Australia and New Zealand.

Consumers and businesses can create a free account to join the community. Members can describe the immigration, citizenship or visa services they need. Migration agents, immigration advisers and immigration lawyers can indicate their professional fees and make an offer. Members can compare offers and hire their preferred agent.

Ask-An-Agent makes the process of engaging with a migration agent or immigration lawyer effortless and efficient. We've made immigration easy for 30,000+ people.


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Our utmost concern is ensuring you have a pleasant and professional experience with your Agent.

So, any review you see is based on an experience that a member and real client had.

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What our members are saying - Tell us what you think and email us at feedback@ask-an-agent.com.au

I-Yarin McArdle has gone above and beyond assisting our company with management our Visa applications.  I-Yarin has an in-depth knowledge of how the system and process operates, and has managed both our application and us (as a client) brilliantly.  We are incredibly grateful for I-Yarin’s hard work and tenacity in getting the job done, despite the various challenges we placed on her.  I-Yarin is brilliant operator.

Heather H, IG Partners, Australia

I am working on my Australian Partner Visa application with Vania who is just wonderful.  She is professional, courteous, quick to share ideas and to respond to queries.  I am extremely happy with my choice of agent.  Thank you for recommending her.
Catriona H., NSW Australia

I am very happy with this service. Great concept. Definitely the easiest way when wanting to find simple short answer to simple question without the hassle of finding exact answers through forum. Will recommend or use again!
Anne-Sophie M. , NSW Australia

I was impressed with the fast response to my immigration questions and the detailed answer received. Many thanks
Alison M. , NSW Australia

I wanted you to know that I appreciate your service. I asked my question in different Australian forums and I am happy that I did not rely on the answers received. The advice you gave me saved me thousands of Dollars.
Kevin B. , Illinois USA

Wonderful experience, I got my questions answered and could rely on the answers received. I followed your recommendation and my visa was granted without a problem. Thanks a lot.
Vikrom K. , Maharashtra India

I had a very simple questions but it was answered really fast and I received even a phone call. I will get back to you if I have more questions.
Ana V. , São Paulo Brazil

Very helpful – thank you.
Omar S. , Dubai United Arab Emirates

I am happy with Vania - she is professional, personable, efficient and quick to respond.  I am delighted to have her working on my application for Australian Residency and would have no hesitation in highly recommending her to others. I am extremely satisfied with Vania's work.
Kikki H., Australia


The  Migration Agent and Immigration Lawyer Association is a Finalist in the LexisNexis Legal Innovation Index

LexisNexis Legal & Professional and Janders Dean host the prestigious LexisNexis Legal Innovation Index each year.  As noted by Justin North, Director of Janders Dean, “In a time of great noise and confusion with respect to innovation and disruption in our industry, there is a subset of individuals and organisations who are quietly moving beyond the hype, and towards true differentiation … some firms ‘talk’, and some firms ‘do’. The Index has been the benchmark for separating these, and for recognising those who continue to push the boundaries and shape the future of the legal industry.”.

The Migration Agent and Immigration Lawyer Association (AMAILA) is honoured to have been recognised as a finalist in the organisation category of the 2017 Index.

We could not have achieved this recognition without the support of all of the participants on our platform.  Thank you for your continued support.  We will continue to build upon our innovations to date and introduce new features to help clients and agents engage with each other more easily and efficiently.

AMAILA also congratulates all other finalists who are nominated in the Index and wishes them all the best.


Awards & Acknowledgements


Finalist - LexisNexis Legal Innovation Index


Inductee - InfoTrack Client Centricity Awards


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