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Are you a registered migration agent, licensed immigration adviser, regulated immigration consultant or immigration lawyer? Do you receive numerous emails and phone calls from customers but you are not able to generate business out of them? Do you spend significant time with enquiries without making any money?


Benefits for Migration Agents, Immigration Advisers and Immigration Lawyers

With the Migration Agent and Immigration Lawyer Association (AMAILA), you spend less time on marketing & bureaucracy and more time on increasing your revenue. Benefit from many advantages:

You can choose when to engage with a client. Accept business when you need it. There is no pressure to accept a client or to take more than you need – you are in control.
Before you start working, Ask-An-Agent secures payment from clients and holds it in trust for you. You don’t have to chase clients for payment.
You don’t have to compete on price. Our clients name the fee they are willing to pay for an answer. You can read the questions asked and evaluate the work involved before accepting a client.
Your engagement with clients is in accordance with the Code of Conduct. Ask-An-Agent issues a Statement of Service containing the terms of engagement to you and the client when you accept to answer a question.
We take care of invoicing clients. You receive your fee hazel free, you never have to chase your clients for payment.
We advertise worldwide for our Agents. Being listed in the Agent’s directory raises your profile. Once you have established a reputation and good ranking, clients can contact you directly and you can offer your services in our section: Hire a Migration Agent
Membership is free for Registered Migration Agents, Regulated Immigration Consultants, Licensed Immigration Advisers and Immigration Lawyers.

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What Migration Agents, Immigration Advisers and Immigration Lawyers are saying:

  • “Winning new clients becomes harder and harder. AMAILA provided the clients directly to my doorsteps.”
  • “I can now concentrate on consulting clients and don’t have to write invoices, contracts or have to chase clients for payments.”
  • “Being a member is really useful and has provided me with numerous clients and has become a daily part of my business.”