Requesting a Pay.Safe Refund

If you and your Agent decide to not move forward, you’ll want to request a refund of the Pay.Safe funds you’ve added.

If you have a potential dispute with your Migration Agent or Immigration Lawyer, please raise a dispute and notify us as quickly as possible especially if you believe you should be entitled to a refund.

There will be one of two scenarios:

1.)  We are holding the funds in Pay.Safe

  • You should have received an email sent to your nominated email address confirming that we have received a request for payment from your Agent.
  • Please immediately and promptly notify us of any potential dispute by sending an email to with the subject heading "Dispute: Refund Request”;
  • Confirm the amount of the requested refund, your Agent’s name, and the specific work to which the requested refund amount relates; and
  • Provide full details of the dispute and why a refund should be provided including copies of all supporting correspondence and other documents.
  • Your Agent will be provided with details of your refund request and will be allowed 14 days to respond.  If your Agent does not dispute an amount or does not respond within the permitted timeframe then the appropriate refund will be automatically processed for payment.


2.)  If the funds have already been released to your Agent

  • Please notify us of any potential dispute promptly by emailing with the details identified above.
  • We will try to resolve your dispute with your Agent and confirm next steps.


In the event of a dispute, the Ask-An-Agent team will provide you with support to find a solution with your Agent (Mediation Services). If Mediation Services are needed, an mediation fee will be deducted from the disputed amount: Mediation Fee 35% of the disputed amount  (minimum Mediation Fee of $112).

Ask-An-Agent may also refer disputes to relevant authorities including but not limited to the Migration Agents Registration Authority and the Immigration Advisers Authority. If you request your dispute to be referred to an authority, a handling fee will be deducted from the disputed amount: Handling Fee 20%  (minimum Handling Fee of $225).