Andrzej Kurowski

Specialized in : Business Sponsorships, Tribunal Services, Partner Visa

Practicing : +10 years of Experience

Migration Agents Registration Authority (Australia)

About Andrzej

I became registered migration agent in 2003 and I've helped hundreds of people to get permanent residency visas and citizenship. I also specialize in student, temporary working visas and business or investor migration. I've successfully handled many appeals against visa refusals and cancellations. I'm a migrant myself and I'm passionate about helping people to get a new life in Australia. The visa system is complex and I strongly recommend getting professional advice before proceeding with any application. The Immigration Department, in most cases, refuses insufficiently documented applications without any notice. You can use my knowledge and experience to avoid any problems so to apply with confidence. Some visas require preliminary actions like state sponsorship and skills assessment or licensing applications, certifications by regional authorities and many others. I can help with all of them and guide you all the way through till the grant of your visa

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