Australian visas and Migration Agent fees

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Migration Agent Fees   $AUD
Partner visa   1850
Sc 482 / TSS visa   3300
Sc 189 visa and sc 190 visa (points tested)    2850
Sc 189 visa (PR for Kiwis)   1450
Parent visa   2480
Sc 500 visa for students   1150
Citizenship   1750


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Permanent Residency

Fixed Fees - Covered by PaySafe


Skilled visas in Australia:

189 visa and 190 visa

Expression of Interest

Skills Assessment

State Sponsorship

Temporary Graduate visa


Employer sponsored visas in Australia:

186 visa and 187 visa

482 visa and TSS visa

Business Sponsorship


Family or partner visas in Australia:

Partner visa

Child visa

Parent visa


Permanent residency in Australia for New Zealand citizens:

Skilled Independent 189 (New Zealand) Stream


Visitior and Working Holiday:

Visitor and Working Holiday


Australian Citizenship:

Australian Citizenship


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More about Permanent Residency in Australia


A Permanent Resident (PR) of Australia can live, work and conduct business without restriction in Australia. Permanent Residents have most of the rights and entitlements of an Australian citizen.

Permanent Residency status usually provides eligibility to access Medicare (the Australian National Health Scheme) and other Social Security benefits.

Permanent Residents are also eligible to sponsor family members or parents for a permanent visa.

The most common pathways to achieve permanent residency status and fixed migration agent fees are listed on this page.


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