Get covered with PaySafe

Engage with a Migration Agent or Immigration Lawyer with confidence.

PaySafe is the approved payment arrangement facilitated by the Australian Migration Agent and Immigration Lawyer Association.

PaySafe helps you to protect your payments.

If your Agent doesn’t perform we’ll help to make it right with PaySafe.

Payment is simple and fast.


Learn more about PaySafe

We want you to pay safe when hiring a migration agent or immigration lawyer - in one word: PaySafe.

A lot of you have asked what does that mean?  Here's exactly what we mean by PaySafe.

PaySafe is a secure “win-win” arrangement for both sides. It lets your Agent know that there are funds available for payment without releasing it until you approve the work is done.

PaySafe is available for you and for every Agent you hire at no extra cost.

You pay your Migration Agent or Immigration Lawyer only after you approve the work is done.

The PaySafe arrangement:

  • You hire an Agent
  • Add the agreed amount directly to PaySafe.
  • Funds remain in PaySafe indefinitely at no cost.
  • Your Agent starts working, completes the work and sends you an invoice.
  • If you approve the Agent’s work, pay the invoice using the funds you added earlier.
  • Let everybody know how it went and review your Agent


How does it work?

Your money will only be released to your Agent after you have approved the work is done and you are satisfied with your Agent’s work.

We are looking out for you if something goes wrong.

If your Agent refuses to use PaySafe, please report your Agent to us immediately.

If your eligible engagement with your Agent doesn’t go as planned, we’ll help you make it right with PaySafe.

If you and your Agent decide to not move forward, request a refund with PaySafe.


Top up and get covered with PaySafe

Pay safe when hiring your migration agent