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The visa regimes worldwide are in a state of continual change.
In a time of great confusion and ongoing changes to the migration regulations some migration agents and immigration lawyers ‘talk’, and some migration agents ‘do‘.
The Immigration Choice Awards have been the benchmark for separating these, and for recognising those who continue to push the boundaries and shape the future of the migration industry.
When you get a chance, take a few minutes to have a look at the previous Immigration Choice Awards.

Immigration Choice Awards 2018

Immigration Choice Awards 2017



Only the best migration agents and immigration lawyers who meet the top benchmarks for agent reviews, migration experience, visa application success rate and commitment achieve Top Agent status.
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Migration Agent Experience

Best migration agents have lodged in their area of specialisation at least 12 visa applications in an average year.


Migration Agent Reviews

At least 80% of best migration agent reviews need to be 4 stars and better.


High Success Rate

Best migration agents lodge visa applications in a timely manner and maintain a 98% success rate or higher.



Best migration agents honour accepted questions and respond to questions quickly.


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