Joanna Chen

Specialized in : Business Sponsorships

Practicing : 3-5 years of Experience

About Joanna

Excellent work Joanna ! It’s been a long road, and we appreciate your efforts in seeing this through for us. Quoted from one of my clients Chris.

Hello, my name is Joanna and I came from England three years ago to join my Australian partner. I lodged partner visa by myself and obtained my permanent residency in 2 years. Prior to relocating to Australia, I worked in a Birmingham based law firm in assisting solicitors for UK visa applications and appeal case.

I have 3 years of industry experience in helping client to obtain 457 visa, 482 visa, 186 visa, RSMS 187 visa, 189/190 visas, partner visa, and I won a few cases in the AAT for 457 visa refusal and partner visa refusal. I also won appeal at VETASSESS and TRA, and many people consider it is impossible! It is my position to present your file best possible. Below is the feedback from my client Rich:

Hi Joanna, Thank you for seeing this through.

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