Misty Wallace

Specialized in : Visa for Australia, Partner Visa, Student Visa

Practicing : 5-10 years of Experience

Award : Immigration Choice Awards 2018

About Misty

Specialising in employer sponsored, student graduate, skilled and family visa applications.

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Misty was AMAZING. From start to finish, Misty answered every question, no matter how annoying we got! The entire process was seamless and in the end, we got our 820 granted and on our way to get our 801 granted with Misty! Very very happy with the result!

Awesome smooth easy process. Friendly service and would recommend to anybody. You made the process easy for us and you had to put up with us aswell which you did professionally. So thank you !

Great agent! Really quick to reply and happy to about any problems regarding application process. Highly recommended to anyone looking to get help from an agent.

Incredibly helpful and easy to deal with. Answered all my questions quickly and was always easy to contact. Would highly recommend

Misty has been so wonderful in helping us navigate the partner visa process, would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs help decinding what visa best suits their needs and help processing that visa!

Misty was great throughout the entire application process. She was professional, knowledgeable and efficient. It's nice to have someone working with you who has gone through the process themselves. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to brave the Australian visa experience!

We were most impressed with Misty Wallace services from Costal Migration Services. Misty was always a pressure to talk with and discuss any of our questions with. Any questions that we sent by email were always answered quickly. Im so grateful that we used Misty Wallace for lodging my wifes visa application. I would recommend Misty Wallace at Costal Migration Services to anyone looking into lodging a visa application. Thank you Misty for all your wonderful help with our visa application. Bunga & Mark

Misty Wallace helped my partner and me through her visa application and was able to sort out everything quickly. I especially liked the lower fees for a partner visa compared to other agents. Her service was great.

Thanks to your professionalism and expertice, our partner visa application was submitted in record time and 'decision-ready'. I appreciated that you were always readily available to respond to my questions!