Paul Smith

Specialized in : Visa for Australia

Practicing : 0-2 years of Experience

Migration Agents Registration Authority (Australia)

About Paul

Hanan’s Migration Services is an established migration agency. Our mission is to provide quality and comprehensive solutions for all Australian migration issues, including dedicated assistance with all temporary and permanent Australian visa applications. Mr Paul Smith, Director, has over 20 years experience in the migration field, including within the Department of Immigration and the Migration and Refugee Review Tribunals (superseded by the Department of Home Affairs and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal respectively). Mr Smith has fulfilled the role as an immigration lawyer in the public sector and has extensive Australian immigration policy knowledge. He was responsible for drafting government legislation for specific visa subclasses, including student, visitor and some business visas. Hanan’s Migration Services is easily accessible from the western suburbs of Sydney. Assistance with Arabic language interpretation may be provided upon request.

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