Scott Game

Specialized in : Visa for New Zealand

Practicing : 5-10 years of Experience

Award : Finalist Immigration Choice Awards 2019

Immigration Advisers Authority (New Zealand)

About Scott

10+ years experience in New Zealand Immigration Law. 5+ years as an Immigration Adviser specialising in all areas. Family/Student/Work/PR/Visit

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Excellent customer service. Scott has provided the right information at the right moment. Also he was very helpful through the whole process. I had my visa approved in only six business days. Whereas, my visa process takes 25 business days as a rule. The process with my partner's visa was also well done. A lot of paperwork but we managed to get everything ready for Scott and the outcome was positive. It took two weeks extra to get the results. A very assertive immigration agent I have to say. Regards, Favio

Scott is helpful and knows all the details about NZ visa. Recommend you contact him if you need an agent for New Zealand. Thanks also to Amy and her team for all the support.

Scott offered to help me with student visa for New Zealand quickly and to a fair price. Thanks Scott.

Scott responded quickly and professional to my questions. Can recommend to contact Scott if you need help for your New Zealand visa. Thanks also to Amy and her team.