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Friday Exclusive 15% off* on all visa services

Friday Exclusive Sale - 15% on all visa services



* This promotional offer commences at 12.00am AEDT on 17 November 2018 and ends at 11.59pm AEDT on 26 November 2018 unless it is terminated by us earlier (Promotional Period).  You must ask a question via the website www.ask-an-agent.com.au, follow the prompts, provide all requested information and confirmations, and we must have received full payment of the total sum for the services and any credit card surcharges in cleared funds into our account via PaySafe (https://www.ask-an-agent-paysafe.com) prior to the end of the Promotional Period.  The discount expires and will no longer be available after 11.59pm on 26 November 2018.  The discount applies to the visa service that you engage in via the website (e.g. an application for a substantive visa application) and applies only to professional fees (and not any other charges such as disbursements) which have been paid via PaySafe prior to the expiry date of the discount.