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Why successful visa applicants anticipate problems before applying for a sc 482 visa on the medium-term stream.

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I'm applying for a 482 visa on the medium term stream as a plumber, my business has been approved and also had their nomination approved, my company did all their application, and i have to do my part. I have most of the application complete but have a few questions I’d like cleared up before I submit.

Frstly they ask for two years experience in a similar position, but ask for details of employment for the last 5 years. Is it better to provide poof for the last 5 years of will they only look at the last two years? I have proof of nearly 4 years in Australia but for the first year at my first company they refused to give me the title of plumber as I wasn’t qualified even though I had been working as a plumber in the uk.
Will they contact previous employers if I provide them with reference letters from them as the reference letter just states I was involved I all plumbing duties under supervision but doesn’t state my position? From the next company onwards I was always classes as a plumber so have references stating that.

I completed my cert 3 and 4 at a school in Sydney where I live, before I got my certificates they got their rto registration canceled, my cert 3 assessments were transferred to another school in Sydney, I received my certificate and applied to nsw government/fair trading where I received my nsw plumbing license. Will they ask questions if I put a different school to the one that issued me the certificate or should I just say I studied at the school that issued me my certificate?

They ask for highest recognized qualification the thing is my cert 4 assessments were transferred to a school in Brisbane (not where I live) for them to issue my certificate, on the section they ask what school and campus did you go along with dates, how can i answer that question if i didn't attend the same school as my certificate?
I am thinking about not mentioning my cert 4 as only cert3 is needed for my visa and I also have a nsw registration which is a bonus, the only thing is that my company uploaded my cert4 certificate as a document when doing their nomination application thinking that they were needed.
Will those additional documents that were not needed that were uploaded with the companies nomination be present and cross checked when reviewing my individual application if I don’t mention my cert 4 certificate in my application also my cert 4 is mentioned on my resume that was originally uploaded by my company?

There is a question that says, (If the application for any associated sponsorship or nomination is refused or withdrawn, does the applicant wish to withdraw the visa application? Note: If the application is withdrawn, the case will be considered closed and any review rights to which the applicant might have been entitled are foregone)
How should I answer this question? What are the pros and cons to answering yes or no?

4) Does my boss legally have to pay for my visa? I am aware that my wife and myself have to pay for her visa, but unsure if I have to pay for mine or he does?


Answer provided by Migration Agent

Dear O.

Thank you for contacting us. Please see the detailed answers to your questions in the attached document. In summary:

You should provide evidence of your entire work history.
The department may contact your previous employers to verify your work history which includes the dates as well as your work duties. They may also request you to provide further evidence that you worked for a particular employer such as tax documents.

You should mention the school that issued you with the certificate and also attach a statement (in the format of a document) stating the above.
I would advise you to disclose the certificate 4 and as stated above also attach statement in the format of a word document mentioning the above.

You will have review rights for the visa application only if the visa application is allowed to be refused. If you are on a bridging visa this bridging visa will rollover to the AAT appeal. You will lose your appeal rights if the application is withdrawn. So the answer should be “No”.

The stage 3 costs which involve preparing and lodging your visa application (including your wives) are your responsibility. Some employers may be willing to pay some of these fees, but they are not obliged to.

Thank you for using Ask-An-Agent. If you need further services from myself or a registered migration agent, please contact Amy at - and don’t forget to mention your Question ID so that I can keep providing immigration services to you.

Migration Agent

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