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Why choose Ask-An-Agent? Reason #1 Secure Platform

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Why Choose Ask-An-Agent?

Here's how we make Ask-An-Agent a secure platform to get work done online.

Security is a key concern when you hire your Migration Agent or Immigration Lawyer online. On Ask-An-Agent we have taken measures to ensure that you work with credible Agents and your payments are protected. Here’s how we make Ask-An-Agent a secure platform to get work done online.

Answer provided by Migration Agent

Verified Agents:
To help you identify credible Migration Agents and Immigration Lawyers to work with, we share the verification status of Agents that do not have any feedback or transaction history on Ask-An-Agent.

Verified Payment Method:
Agents with a verified payment method on their account display the status in the Agent Directory. It indicates that they are set to receive secure payments and to initiate Pay.Safe. Pay.Safe is the secure way to pay your Agent only after you approve the work is done.

Pay.Safe Payment Protection:
Pay.Safe is the secure way to pay your Agent only after you approve the work is done. Pay online by credit card or bank transfer. Pay.Safe is available for you and for every Agent you hire at no extra cost.

What is the difference between choosing Ask-An-Agent over Facebook Groups or other Forums?

Facebook Groups, Blogs and Forums are a great place for meeting people although they’re still the online equivalent of an anonymous village pub.

Answers on Facebook Groups, Blogs and Forums

  • are provided by complete strangers you may not know.
  • locked in time and may be outdated.
  • may not fit your unique set of circumstances.


Information provided by unqualified strangers is unreliable. Trusting it may be harmful to you.

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