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What happens when a student visa expires? And why a Covid visa is not an option anymore.

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My student visa is going to expire in 22 June and I am supposed to apply for my sc 485 visa but I got some issue with the school and they told to me that my certificate will be ready within 20 business days but my visa going to be expired at that time, my agent suggested to apply for Covid visa and when all my documents ready I can change it at any time to sc 485 visa while I’m holding the Covid visa .

Is that possible and easy to change it or the process is complicated? Also is that recommended?

Any advice I will be really thankful?

Answer provided by Migration Agent

Hi L, I do not know what the issue is with your school but they must supply you with a certificate of completion. So if the actual graduation certificate is not ready then they must give you a completion letter and also a transcript of your course.

A COVID visa is not a 'thing' it was given more leniently during the lockdown phase when people could not leave. These days however it is becoming more difficult to get and taking longer. Plus, it is only now given in certain cases such as being in a particular occupation like child care or if you already have a contract.

I would recommend getting all the other documents that evidence you completed. The certificate is not the only document - you need all the others too. Read more about your student visa.

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