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Pre-assessment of Skilled visa eligibility

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Hope you are fine and doing well. I came across your website from one of MARA agents and thought to write to you for my immigration requirements. I hope this message will find you and you will be able to advise.

My Name is A. I am currently working in IT field in the USA under H1B Work-Visa. I am very interested in Immigration to Australia, and looking for someone who can provide me professions level help as I want to make it at the earliest possible. I believe with my professional experience and qualifications I have, should be a good match to achieve it. Below are my particulars:

1. My DOB is …… 1978. I am 38 Years now
2. I have Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering discipline from a University in Bangladesh. Total Credit hours 173.75. You will find my Bachelor of Science transcript in attached file
3. I have my TOEFL iBT. Total score 80 which is equivalent to IELTS 6.5 overall, each band IELTS 6+. Transcript is in attached file

What I thought of having a pre-assessment based on information in the questionnaire and my resume that I submitted, and give me advice how positive it looks like for me as an applicant towards the migration.

Just to let you know, with my current situation, it’s difficult for me to have another IELTS test. I believe I attached my current equivalent IELTS score-sheet. Apart from it, my age, education and work-experience is kind of static. Before I step-into a formal contract, I need to know roughly how prospective it is for me to get PR Visa (from the information in template and resume), and how much you could help to facilitate it for me considering my skills and particulars are mostly static. For example, if I need a job-sponsorship to facilitate migration process, would you be able to help to get that or create the opportunity to get in touch with Australian employer directly?

I have studied about Australian PR Visas and what I am looking for is Visa-189 or Visa-190 for relocating to Sydney, NSW. If not, then probably Visa-489 or a skill-work Visa that will allow me to at least work in Sydney and then later I should be able to convert or get a PR visa.

I would appreciate your kind advice and any sort of help. Thanks in advance.

Answer provided by Migration Agent

Dear A.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you with your query.

Your eligibility for a skilled visa is based on the fact that you are able to score at least 60 points against points test factor. The process involves lodging an Expression of Interest claiming the points that you are deemed to score followed by an invitation by the department to apply for the visa. Without having been invited to apply, you cannot lodge your application and all invitations are DIBP's discretion which is based on your points claimed and demand of skilled workers in the nominated skilled occupation.

For either subclass 190, 189, and 489 you will be required to nominate a skilled occupation as listed in the "Consolidated Skilled Occupations List" for skilled migration and, in your case, will also have to complete a skills assessment through Australian Computer Society in your nominated skilled occupation. A positive outcome of the skills assessment means that your skills are suitable for the nominated skilled occupation. The skills assessment authority, in your case ACS will be assessing your qualifications and work experience to determine your suitability. More information about process and criteria can be found at

I will do a quick points assessment for you to have a basic idea to determine visa options available -

25 - Age (being in 33-39 years age bracket)
0 - English (having only competent English level based on the score provided)
15 - Work experience of 8-10 years in you nominated occupation or closely related occupation in the last 10 years.
15- Bachelor degree (given that it is assessed to be equivalent to Australian recognised standard)

This gives us an estimated total of 55 points only and if, by the time you apply, you turn 40 years of age then you points for age will drop down to 15 leaving you with a total of 40 points only.

A possibility to apply for visa subclass 189 can be ruled out as you score 55 points in current scenario unless you go for another English test and achieve a score for at least "Proficient English" to claim additional 10 points.

To claim Proficient English points you have following options -

1. You have achieved a score of at least 7 in each of the four test components (speaking, reading, listening and writing) in an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test that has been undertaken in the three years immediately prior to lodging the visa application.
2. You have achieved a score of at least 'B' in each of the four test components of an Occupational English Test (OET) that has been undertaken in the three years immediately prior to lodging the visa application.
3. You have achieved the following minimum test scores in each of the four test components: 24 for listening , 24 for reading, 27 for writing and 23 for speaking, in a Test of English as a Foreign Language internet-based test (TOEFL iBT) test that has been undertaken in the three years immediately prior to lodging the visa application.
4. You have achieved a test score of at least 65 in each of the four test components (speaking, reading, listening and writing) in a Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic that has been undertaken in the three years immediately prior to lodging the visa application.
5. You have achieved a test score of at least 185 in each of the four test components (speaking, reading, listening and writing) in a Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) test that has been undertaken on or after 1 January 2015 and prior to lodging the visa application.

Visa Subclass 190 -
This is a permanent visa for which you will have to fulfil all the criteria mentioned above and will score points in the same way. The only difference is that for this visa you have to be nominated by a state or territory government which also let you score an additional 5 points bringing you current estimated score to 60 points. To be nominated by a state or territory government you will need to apply for nomination and that depends on which government is willing to sponsor in your nominated occupation according to their current published list of occupations in demand in their respective state.

Visa subclass 489 -
The same additional criteria of state nomination and application for nomination depending on published lists apply here as well but with an advantage of scoring 10 additional points for nomination. This is a temporary residence visa.

An Australian job offer will not give you any additional benefits for these visas.

I hope this gives you an understanding of where you stand and how to take your case further from here for a successful outcome.

Kind Regards,

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