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Overview of New Zealand visas permitting work

There are several visa categories in New Zealand. The most common work visa categories are

  •     Permanent visa in the Skilled Migrant Category,
  •     Work visa in the Work to Residence Categories and
  •     Essential Skills work visa


What is a Skilled Migrant Category visa?

A visa in the skilled migrant category gives the applicant permanent residency status in New Zealand.

A visa application for the Skilled Migrant Category requires the applicant to

  • pass a points test with 160 points or more (as of June 2018),
  • pass an age test,
  • be able to speak English sufficently,
  • have a recognised or exempt qualification,
  • lodge an Expression of Interest


What is a work visa in the Work to Residence Category?

A work visa in the Work to Residence Category is usually valid for up to 2.5 years and may lead to a permanent visa.

Pathways include for instance:

  • Talent (Accredited Employers) and
  • Long Term Skills Shortage List (LTSSL) .

What is a work visa in the Essential Skills Visa Category?

A visa in the Essential Skills Category is for any visa appliants who have been offered a job by a New Zealand based employer.

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