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Partner Visa - Required Forms

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Hi, this question relates to my partner visa.

Current visa: 417 Working Holiday Visa (2nd year – expires November XXX)
Applying for: De facto partner visa (Partner is a Masters student)

May: Partner and I opened joint bank account and put both names on lease.

After completing her bachelors degree, she listed me as a de facto partner on her new student visa application for the masters course.

Due to 12 month relationship requirement, I will not apply for the partner visa until approx. XXX.

What subclass of visa do I need to apply for and are there any additional forms I need to complete, such as Form 80, 40SP, 47SP, 919 or 157a?

Answer provided by our agents

The SC 820/801 visa application is a permanent partner visa application. Once you have applied for this visa while onshore you will generally be able to stay and continue working within Australia on an automatically granted bridging visa. This is important because processing times can be around 12 months.

The online application forms for stage 1 & 2 of this partner visa are forms 47SP and 40SP. These are online forms and you will be required to create an Immi account with the DIBP in order to fill and lodge these online.

You will be required to obtain an AFP police clearance certificate. The online form can be found here. You may be required to provide police clearance certificates for all countries in which you have resided 12+ months within the last 10 years.

You could be required to complete a Form 80 for the DIBP to assess your character and personal particulars, however the DIBP will generally request this following your application if required.

You will be required to provide two statutory declarations (Form 888) evidencing the relationship. These must be completed by Australian PR/citizens who have knowledge of your relationship.

I have attached links to all above mentioned and further relevant forms for your convenience.

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