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Unsuccessful appeal to the MRT regarding the refusal for a 485 visa

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My appeal to the MRT regarding the refusal for a 485 visa was unsuccessful. I intend to appeal for ministerial intervention, as my current bridging visas ceases on 10th August 2016, I would like to know the specific visa or bridging visa for the ministerial intervention process?

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Dear J.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to assist you on the matter.

It is important to maintain your status as a lawful non-citizen while you finalize your immigration matters in Australia.

If you intent to apply for ministerial intervention, than you must apply for Bridging Visa E which will keep you lawful while your matter is dealt with.

I have also gone through the decision record that you have attached and would like to advice you that from the information which I could gather, I do not really see a very strong chance of you being successful in ministerial appeal.

You must understand that your visa was initially refused because you did not fulfill a requirement of visa grant of having met English requirements which is a requirement by law according to the Migration Act.

I strongly advice you to seek professional help from a Registered Migration Agent to review your situation as there may be other more suitable avenues available to you with much more quick, positive, beneficial and favorable outcome for you.

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