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From student visa sc 573 - painting licence through skill assessment program

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My name is N. and currently I am on student visa 573. I live in Sydney for last 2 years and 3 months roughly. I have finished 2nd year of Business Management and have one more to go. However, I am working almost 2 years (part time when study and full time when on school break) as a painter for building construction company and I have opportunity to obtain painting license through the skill assessment program based on my experience. I know that ''painter'' is on immigration skilled visa list.

My questions are,
By getting the painting license what chance do I have to be granted skilled visa, how much time roughly all process takes, how much money will cost me (from beginning to end including agent fees approximately), what kind of paperwork do I need to present? Please include anything else you think is relevant to my case.

Thanks and have a nice day.

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Dear N

I assume you refer to a General Skilled Migration visa. There are a number of visa subclasses available under the Skilled programme, which can grant you Australian permanent residence. Depending upon your ability to meet the point threshold of 60 points, as well as achieve a positive Skills Assessment, you may be able to make an application either for an Independent visa subclass or a State Sponsored subclass visa, as your occupation is approved for both Independent and State Sponsored visa subclasses. The 60 point is comprised of a number factors that award points, these being Qualifications, Experience, Age, and English language testing to name a few. There are more factors that award points.

By obtaining a successful Skills Assessment in your occupation, for the purposes of Migration, this completes the first stage required to make an application for a visa under the General Skilled Migration programme. The visa process, depending upon the Subclass that is applied for varies. So in this regard it is not possible to outline the process too clearly as it would need to be specific to your profile and circumstances. A proper assessment of your CV would be needed.

The time frame to for completion of the process may take approximately 12 months. But usually a bit longer for Trade occupations. Costs I could only give you as an estimate, but you could expect a Skills Assessment application cost of $1000 (TRA Migration Skills Assessment), if the pathway is a State Sponsored visa this can cost up to $300, and if you are applying on your own with no family members your DIBP application fee will be $3635.28 including DIBP credit card surcharge.

Professional fees vary amongst agents, but my professional fees would be in the range of $xxx to $xxx plus GST. The professional fees can vary based on number of dependents, type of subclass applied for, and if there are any extenuating circumstances such as Character issues. Other costs you can expect include health examination costs, translations etc.

You also asked about documents that would be required. Within the scope of this query it is not possible to outline all of the documentary requirements. However, as a minimum you can expect to have to have prepared identity documents, qualification documents, employment references and English language test results.

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