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Student Visa (sc 572) to Partner Visa - $1500 special promotion

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My question is in relation to my girlfriend. she is an Italian citizen who currently holds a student visa (572) which expires on the 1st of March 2017. is it possible for a de facto/partner visa to be processed before this date? we fulfill the 12 month month relationship requirement, have lived together for the duration of that time as well as possessing a shared bank account. If this is possible, your website has a special offer for a $1,500 partner visa application, would this be a feasible service in our case?

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Hi F.

Thank you for your message. The first thing you need to check is whether your girlfriend's visa has a "no further stay" condition on it. If it does, she will need to leave Australia before she can apply for a partner visa.

If her visa doesn't have a "no further stay" condition, she can apply for a partner/de facto visa onshore. Onshore applications take approximately 6 months to process, however, while it is processing the Department will give her a bridging visa to let her stay in Australia until a decision is made.

In regards to the special offer, yes, the $1,500 service would be feasible and I would be more than happy to start assisting you with this matter as soon as you're ready.

You will be given an option to contact me to hire my services once this question has been finalized.

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