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Applying for visitor visa between student and graduate visa

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Hello there,

I'm currently in my final term of study. However, my student visa is expiring 3 days upon final exam. Since I'm planning to apply for grad visa after I'm done with my study, there isn't enough time for me to do so. The reason for it is that I have deferred my study for 3 months before. I've been advised to change my visa to visitor visa once I finish exam to be able to stay longer in Australia. I was wondering if it is possible to apply for graduate visa while on a travel visa? Could you tell me what I should do for this situation? Thanks in advance

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Hello J.

Assuming you have no visa condition attached to your current Student visa which prevents a further onshore application (which you shouldn't have), you can apply onshore for a Visitor (Tourist) Subclass 600 visa. The criteria requirements for that of a Visitor under the Tourist stream will need to be satisfied for a grant. This is completely possible from a Student visa. As you would be aware you need to apply for a Visitor (Tourist) visa before your Student visa is due to expire.

Assuming the Visitor (Tourist) visa is granted, there should be no condition attached to this grant that would prevent a further onshore application. It should be possible to obtain a 6 month Visitor (Tourist) visa. This Visitor (Tourist) visa will then enable an onshore Temporary Graduate visa (Subclass 485) application to be made. You should determine as early as possible, if you haven't already which stream of Temporary Graduate visa you are eligible for and make the necessary preparations. Such as applying for an AFP certificate, and applying for a Skills Assessment if you are intending to apply under the Graduate stream.

Again be sure to apply for your Temporary Graduate visa application before expiration of the Visitor (Tourist) visa.

Good luck with your plans.

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