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I am a student and have been offered a position - can I add my husband onto my visa?

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I am a US citizen applying for student visa, I have been offered a position at the University of Sydney. My question is whether or not to add my husband onto my visa. He currently works for a company in the US that has an office in Sydney and they are in the process of transferring him there. When the transfer takes place, they will help him with his move and work visa. I just wanted to know if there is any down side to also having him on my student visa, in case the transfer doesn't happen like we think it will. or how hard it would be to add him to the student visa afterwards. I have purchases OSHC for myself, but not for him yet.

Thank you so much for your help.

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Hi J.,

According to the information you provided, I assume you would be able to apply the student visa prior to the Sydney company could sponsor your husband. It would be good idea to add your husband to your student visa application so that both of you can arrive the Australia together. If the Sydney company is ready to sponsor your husband, he is still able to apply the employer sponsored working visa.

Once the working visa granted, it will replace the student visa that granted as your husband. If the company eventually could not able to sponsor your husband, he can stay with you by using that student visa.

The downside is the student visa has work limitation. But, the student visa can help him to find other job opportunities through attending interview in Australia. Of course, you need purchase OSHC for him to apply the student visa. it is not very difficult to apply the student visa as your husband afterwards.

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