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Partner visa Subclass 801 after I received Subclass 820

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I have received my Subclass 820 since 16th March 2017 and am now due to get Subclass 801. That has not yet happened automatically, so I will have to initiate that.

I also want to stream line my path to citizenship within the next 12 month and would like to have support for that.

Thank you.

Answer provided by our agents

Hi K,

Thanks for your query.

You can lodge your subclass 801 application 2 years after the date you lodged your subclass 820 (16th March 2017) so you are now eligible.
The Department used to send out letters reminding applicants to lodge, but they no longer do this. You just have to get on your immi account and lodge the subclass 801 application. Processing times are currently quite long for these and can be monitored here;
Once the subclass 801 is granted you will then be holding permanent residency.

Unfortunately, you can't apply for Citizenship until you have lived in Australia for 4 years and have held permanent residency (ie the subclass 801) for at least 12months.
Once you meet this criteria, we will be more than happy to help you prepare and lodge this application.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me. Migration Agent

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Thank you.
- As I have not done anything so far (an agent has done all the work up to here), how do I get to my "immi account?
- Also, is there anything that I have to be aware of when lodging it? Is it necessary to have someone supporting the lodging input, or is ist just clicking a button.
- If support is optimal for fast processing, do you know who to contact for support??

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Hi K,

- Firstly you should check the agreement you had with your previous agent. Some agents lodge both the 820 and 801 for one fee. Others charge you per application. If the first, then your agent should lodge the 801 for you. Otherwise you can either appoint a new agent or lodge the application yourself. You will just have to create a new immi account and answer all the questions and upload supporting documents.

- The application is similar to the 820, so is extensive but you only have to show supporting evidence from when your visa was granted until now.

- Unfortunately, nothing is fast with the Department so no-one can get you a faster decision. Should you wish for an agent to prepare and manage the application for you, you can either contact your previous agent whom should have all your information still on file or alternatively this is also a service that we also provide.
Migration Agent